No change in TDP version

Hyderabad: Government of Andhra pradesh continue the same style in assembly sessions. They are not ready to answer any questions of opposition, but they try to side track the issue by meaningless allegations. The same scene is repeated in today Assembly. The issue of Cash for Vote scam, which showed TDP top brass trying to engineer cross-voting in neighbouring Telangana rocked the session. 

As soon as the house assembled, the Opposition YSRCP gave an adjournment notice demanding a debate on the issue. However, Speaker Kodela Sivaprasad rejected the motion. At this, the YSRCP MLAs trooped into the well and this led to uproarious scenes inside the house. The house had to be adjourned twice on the issue.

The Leader of opposition and President of YSRCP demanded for fairness on assembly activities. The YSRCP MLAs   lambasted the TDP government for its escapist efforts. They said the ruling party was shy of debating the issue. “Though it keeps commenting on YS Jagan ad nauseam, it is fighting shy of taking up the issue of Cash for Votes scam,” they said.
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