New type of business in Krishna District

The Telugu Desam Leaders have started a new type of business in Krishna District. They are spreading various rumors on land compensation causing anxiety and fear in people.

They are spreading a rumor that for lands in Lanka (Islands) and Assigned lands benefits will not be given in government land acquisition. They did the same thing in capital area and grabbed hundreds of acres. The same thing again the Krishna District leaders are doing now planning to grab the lands in islands.

They are saying that there will be a land pooling soon and all the lands will be taken without giving compensation. The lands in this area are already worth crores of rupees and they are planning to grab all these lands from the poor. In outer Vijayawada near Ibrahimpatnam mandal and surrounding areas 2500 acres of island lands are available; the leaders are paying Rs.18 lakhs if ‘D’ form is available and if documents are not available they are paying 9 to 10 lakhs buying all these lands by threatening the poor. They are preparing grounds to convert these lands and earn crores of rupees in future.

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