New order should set in for corrupt-free society

Hyderabad, August 15: YSR Congress President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has said that real freedom would usher in only with the system which enables the people to question the political leaders who fail to fulfill the election promises and dalits are treated as equal besides giving due respect to parliamentary democracy and constitution.

‘Attacks on dalits are still continuing in the country and in the state even 70 years after independence and the recent incident at Amalapuram stands a testimony to that. Chief Minister who was just 60 km away from the site of attack on dalits did not visit the spot to reassure the dalits which shows his indifference,’ the Leader of Opposition said after unfurling the national flag at the Party office here on Monday.

The dalits were attacked for skinning a dead cow in the burial ground and the dalits were dragged out and indiscriminately beaten up. Among those who were attacked was a tenth standard boy. Dalit Christians are being subjected to severe discrimination, he said.

The spirit or freedom has lost its way when the Prime Minister and Chief Minister aspirants promises of special status to Andhra Pradesh during electioneering but failed to fulfill it after coming to power. The same assurance was given in the Parliament earlier and in the same House it was categorically stated that special status cannot be accorded which tantamount to mocking the institution.

Chandrababu Naidu has promised waiver of agriculture and DWACRA loans besides providing jobs to every family, unemployment stipend and houses to the poor before elections and after coming to power did not fulfill any of the promises and this happens 70 years after we attained independence, he said.

People who do not respect constitution and the laws made by parliament are resorting to trading of elected representatives buying them with huge amounts of unaccounted money stashed away and when audio visual evidence of the Chief Minister comes out in the horse trading, still the person goes scot free which is very baffling, he said.

The real independence will come only when the spirit of freedom prevails and people question the leaders who fail to fulfill the election promise and we have to join hands to usher in such a society, he said. 
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