New Joining in YSRCP in West Godavari

West Godavari
: Huge number of leaders in Jangareddygudem of West Godavari district
joined YSR Congress Party. The leaders mentioned that they had received little
respect in spite of working in TDP for 25 years. They revealed that they were
quitting Telugu Desam Party, fed up by the ways of the party. Tellam Durgarao,
along with around 200 of his followers joined YSRCP. Expressing his delight in
joining YSRCP, Durgarao stated that they would work under the leadership of
leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan in view of strengthening the

Tellam Durgarao commented that TDP had done absolutely nothing for the
people during their 2-year tenure. He remarked that Chandrababu had deceived
DWCRA women, farmers, the unemployed and many others by making false promises.
Durgarao also criticized Babu by saying that he and his ministers were
resorting to personal abuse towards YS Jagan to hide his inability to digest
the affection the latter was getting from the people of the state for being
among them and fighting for them. He slammed Babu for completely ignoring the
problems being faced by the people of the state.


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