New Joining In YSRCP

Guntur (Narsaraopet):
Migration of leaders into YSRCP has gathered pace. A huge number of TDP leaders
are joining YSRCP in protest to the unlawful activities of Chandrababu’s
Government. Kandi Anjireddy and Venkateswar Reddy of Vipparlapalli village in Rompicharla
mandal, along with their family members and relatives, joined YSR Congress
Party in the presence of MLA Gopireddy Srinivas Reddy. Srinivas Reddy invited
them warmly into the party by decorating them with the party’s scarves. He
spoke on the occasion and stated that the people were ready to teach lesson to
TDP in light of its anti-public rule. Kandi brothers stated that they were
joining the party with confidence on the leadership of YS Jagan and remarked
that YSRCP was sure to win the upcoming elections and assured that they would
work in view of it.

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