New Joining In YSRCP

Nellore: A huge number of followers of YSRCP
joined the party in the 35th division of Nellore Rural constituency.
MLA of Nellore Rural Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy was the chief guest for the
event. He decorated the new joiners of the party with the party’s scarves and welcomed
them. During his speech on the occasion, he assured that YSRCP would stay supportive
of the hard-working and recognize them. He stated that the activists should take
initiative in participating in the service activities of the party. He inspired
them to mingle with the people and work for strengthening of the party.
Kotamreddy suggested that people should be made partners in working for the
alleviation of their problems and uncompromised efforts should be made for the
consolidation of YSRCP. He assured the activists that he would work for their
well-being and progress, being an MLA. Taking part in this event were
corporator Bobbala Srinivasa Yadav, Vellanti’s MPTC Padarthi Sudhakar, Jaffar,
Venkateswarlu, Haseena, Shamiulla, Shahul, Irfan, Khaleel, Patrangi Ajay and
the district’s YSRCP youth general secretary Hari Kumar.

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