Never Trust Chandrababu

Poothalapattu: MLA of Poothalapattu, Dr.Sunil Kumar called Chief Minister Chandrababu deceptive and complained about his double entendre. He mentioned how not even one of the manifesto promises had been realised in the two years of TDP rule. He suggested that Chandrababu was never to be trusted. Sunil Kumar condemned the Government's negligence towards deteriorating health of Mudragada Padmanabham. Mandal leaders of Kapu sangham held an agitation at Poothalapattu of Chittoor district in support of Mudragada's hunger strike. The MLA and YSRCP leaders extended their support to the agitation. Kapu leader of Gudipala mandal Madurayal, Tikki, Yadamari MPP Radhamma, YSRCP mandal president Dhanjaya Reddy, sarpanchs' association president Manohar Reddy, leaders Manohar, Govinda Nayudu, Markonda Nayudu and others participated in the event.

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