Nellore District Machinery Hand-In-Glove With TDP

Nellore: YSR Congress Party MLA Kakani Govardhan Reddy severely criticised Nellore district collector Muthyala Raju and said that the district machinery was hand-in-glove with the ruling TDP. He asked if it was wrong to demand action against the corrupt administration. He said that he had the experience of being the ZP chairman for five years and was very much aware of working with officials.

The YSRCP MLA clarified that he need not be given lessons in official procedures as he had clarity on it. He was surprised by the collector's practice of favoritism towards the ruling party while utterly disregarding government rules.

Is it not true that there had been corruption even in construction of toilets, he asked. Was the collector who had received Swachch Bharat award not aware of those facts, he asked. He clarified that he wasn't branding the collector corrupt, but only cautioning the district administration against going off track.

Kakani asked if it was wrong to warn the district administration and asked them to be more careful. Due to the ruling TDP's corrupt ways, the district officials were being made scapegoats, he added

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