Neglegance of TDP even in Smart cities

Unfair allocation of Smart Cities
TDP is not bothered
It reminds the proverb of unreachable grapes

Hyderabad: Once again, while revealing the Central government policy statement it was unfair to the State. In the notice, only three cities are considered to be under Smart City. There are 12 capital cities and 98 cities involved in this. However, due to lack of pressure from state government, only three were considered.

The way injustice happened..!
During the allocation of Smart City, the state government initiative is important. There should be continuous efforts and dedication towards the request for Smart cities, by the State Government from request to providing the relevant information. Hence, the surrounding states could get Smart cities. They were 6 to Karnataka, 10 to Maharashtra, and 12 to Tamil Nadu. The other State governments were in continuous touch with the Central government in understanding the details and accordingly they could provide the data. So, the work became easy. But chandrababu government neglected this issue.

Negligence by TDP 
TDP will not always be interested about the State. While Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu was busy in sorting out the Vote for cash Scam, the other ministers expressed concern about the packages. As a result of this there was no necessary documentation provided to the center. As a result, there was unfair allocation of Smart City, for the State.

The grapes that are not reachable are sour
TDP is only focused on the package instead of special status since long and it is operating in the same fashion. Due to this, the state is not getting proper justice. Still now also the State government is being silent about the Smart City allocation to the State.
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