National parties endorse YSRCP viewpoint

Hyderabad, Feb 3, 2014: With
the national parties cold-shouldering the tabling of State Reorganisation Bill,
the divisive design of Congress is under scanner and YSR Congress view point
has been endorsed by the nation, the theatrics of Kiran Kumar Reddy and N
Chandrababu Naidu notwithstanding.

“The Chief Minister has
been playing a double game by helping the divisive forces in Delhi on one hand
and trying to project himself as an integrationist back home while Naidu has
been desperate for an electoral tie-up as he is convinced that TDP cannot take
on the YSRCP tempest in next elections,” party spokesperson Ambati Rambabu told
reporters here on Monday.

At the national level parties
like BJP, Trinamool Congress and Samajwadi Party at the All Party meeting had
expressed apprehensions over the sincerity of Congress on the separate
Telangana state and BJP floor leader Sushma Swaraj had reminded that there is
not unity within the Congress on the issue and it will lead to only causing
uproarious scenes.

“The summary of the meeting
is that the Bill cannot be passed in the ensuing vote-on-account session as the
national parties are not in a position to believe the sincerity of the Congress.
It was YSR Congress that has taken the slogan of a united state first and our
leader YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has mobilized public opinion against the draft Bill
by meeting leaders of national and regional parties and apprising them of the
irregularities in the Bill and the undemocratic division of the State,” he

Krian Kumar Reddy who has
been contending that the resolution he has moved rejecting the Bill will act as
a deterrent for the creation of a separate state is a tall claim, though we
welcome the end result. If he was that sincere he would have quit immediately
after the CWC had taken the decision. On the contrary he was subservient to the
Congress high command that is ardently in favour of division. He neither quits
nor does the high command sacks him which raises many doubts about the
sincerity from both sides.

Immediately after Congress
has taken a decision on the splitting the state, YSRCP raised its voice and
stood firmly for a united state. We have asked the chief minister to convene a special
session to pass a resolution against the division but there was not response
from Kiran Kumar Reddy who is now claiming to be a champion of united state.

He did not convene the
assembly, he made all arrangements for the Bill to have a safe passage into the
Assembly and allowed a debate on it as well. Finally he emulated us and gave
the same notice which we have given under rule 77 and it was carried by voice
vote though the House had the required numbers to pass the resolution, he said.

Chandrbabu Naidu on his
part is very desperate to have a tie-up with some other party or parties as he
understood that TDP will be swept away in the YSRCP wave. He is in Delhi and he
was there earlier and talked with national leaders but does not speak his mind

“It was the same
Chandrababu Naidu who said that it was historic blunder to have a tie-up with
BJP earlier. The duality in his own party was crystal clear during the assembly
election and he will have no voice to speak out,” he said.

In the ensuing elections
YSR Congress will win maximum seats in the Assembly and the Parliament and the
question of dividing the state does not arise, he said.

When asked about the Rajya
Sabha elections, he said, “Our party will not participate as we do not have the
required numbers to field a candidate. We will not support any candidate.” 

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