Nation understood but not Cong. TDP

B Kothakota (Chittoor
dist), Jan 6, 2014, Expressing
deep concern over the degrading of political values, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has
said that the entire nation has understood the injustice being meted out  to Andhra Pradesh while the Chief Minister, Leader of
Opposition and Sonia Gandhi are turning a blind eye to the reality and are
going ahead with the divisive politics.

“While the entire nation is
able to understand that democratic norms are being hoodwinked and the state is
being divided in an unprecedented way without taking the consent of the
Assembly, Sonia Gandhi wants to divide the State to see her son as Prime
Minister while Kiran Kumar Reddy has been deceiving the people and Chandrababu
Naidu has been helping the division process to gain a few crumbs in the
elections, “YS Jagan Mohan Reddy said while addressing a huge gathering here on

Resuming Samaikya Sankharavam
Yatra to highlight the opportunist politics of Congress and TDP and the
irrational division of the State, Jagan has said: “intrigue and personal
benefits have taken over the welfare of the people in politics and the value
system has taken a beaten in the process. Be it Sonia Gandhi or Chandrababu Naidu,
only votes and seats are important to them and not people’s welfare.

Chandrababu Naidu should be
ashamed as he is no uttering the word Samaikyandhra on one hand and in the
assembly he is encouraging TDP members from both regions to use their lung
power while he is maintaining stoic silence without spelling out the Party
stand. Members of the same political party are flashing two contrasting
placards in the Assembly which shows the opportunism of the Party.

YSR Congress is committed
for Samaikayandhra and we have made it clear from the very beginning.  Sincerity has become a premium commodity in
the present day politics. Chief Minister was asked to pass a resolution against
the division but he did not convene the assembly as he is very obedient to the
high command though he is trying pose as an integrationist.

The entire nation and
leaders of all political parties are aware that the division is taking place
without an assembly resolution which is unprecedented but the Chief Minister
and Chandrababu Naidu are not aware or at least they give the impression as
they are working in tandem with Sonia Gandhi who is dividing the State for
political reasons.

This is a fight between
Delhi arrogance and Telugu self pride and the political intrigue and deception
should stop and value based politics should be ushered in, he said.

Political leaders are
bereft of sincerity and commitment and leaders are no more thinking that it is
their responsibility to keep up their promises. That is what YSR has done which
is why he is still in your hearts; he said drawing a huge round of applause. It
is not how many years you have lived but what matters is how you lived those
years was the quote where the applause stretched further.

That is one reason why YSR
is being remembered even today as his welfare schemes have touched every
individual of the state and they were happy.

The political system has
lost values and is decaying with leaders working for selfish ends. When the
state is in a mode of agitation and students are worried about their future as
to where they should look for jobs and farmers are anxious about the water
table, Sonia Gandhi, Kiran Kumar Reddy nor N Chandrababu Naidu think of them
but are only concerned about the division of the State for the sake of a few
votes and seats.

How Galeru-Nagari project
can be completed if another state comes in between when the water is dropping
into our united state only after the needs of upper riparian states are
completed, he asked.

He has taken a vow with the
people that they will not allow the state to be divided at any cost. His yatra
is traversing through the Tamabalapalle assembly constituency.

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