Naidu’s Yatra is like morning walk, evening retreat

Hyderabad, April 26, 2013: Describing TDP chief
Chandrababu Naidu’s Vastunna Meekosam Padayatra as an exercise of evening
retreats and morning walks, YSR Congress party said on Friday his Padayatra
will have no place in Andhra Pradesh history.  

Drawing out an analytical comparison between the
Padayatra undertaken by the late Dr. YSR in the scorching summer of 2003 and
the Padayatra Naidu has been undertaking on early mornings and midnights, YSR
Congress Tirupati MLA Bhumana Karunakara Reddy told media that Naidu’s Yatra is
an endless tragic tour.  

Naidu has been undertaking his Padayatra like
morning walks and evening retreats like so many lakhs of people. “He is also
walking during the dead of the night as he doesn’t get sleep and want others to
sleep,” Karunakara Reddy said in a sarcastic note.  

Bhumana said that YSR’s Praja Prasthanam, aimed at
mingling with people and understanding people’s problems in order to mitigate
their suffering, was a historical event.  

“But, Naidu has been walking when there are no
people to console and where there are no people to get assurances from him,” he said, adding
his Padayatra will have no place in history.  

“For every 100 km, you are losing an MLA and till
date you have lost 16 MLAs. What for you are erecting pylons for every 500 km
or 1000 km? What is it that you have achieved?” he asked Naidu.  

Karunakara Reddy said Naidu remained a rejected
person as he had done nothing for the people during his 9-year tenure as CM and
during his 9-year term as Opposition Leader. “You will continue to be so,” he
told Naidu. 

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