Naidu’s silence on Central funds unfair

Aug 2, 2014: Castigating the TDP government for not raising the issues regarding the
assurances given by the Centre to Andhra Pradesh post bifurcation, YSR Congress
has said why is Chandrababu Naidu mum on the share the state has to receive
after enacting the AP State Reorganisation Act.  

of catching the Centre by its scurf and getting clearances to the promises
given by the Prime Minister in the Parliament, TDP government is trying to
search ways and means to impose more taxes and pooling up finances in various
forms bypassing the due share the state has to get.  

Why is N
Chandrababu Naidu silent and not raising the issue of special status to the new
state, building of capital city and other sops which were billed as the
responsibility of the Centre,” party spokesperson Vasireddy Padma told
reporters here on Saturday.  

government is only trying to overcome the deficit budget by passing it on to
the people in the form of introducing User Charges, hike in registration
charges and how to downsize the loan waiver quantum and is not questioning the
Centre in any form about its due share and the silence of Chief Minister
Chandababu Naidu is raising many doubts.  

rightful share of Andhra Pradesh, which is facing a financial crunch, should be
attained and the TDP government has made no effort either in the form of
representation or raising the issue at the appropriate forum with its
representatives which shows that Chandrababu Naidu is unable to mount pressure
on the Centre for reasons known best to him.  

When the
Centre has assured that it will take the responsibility in the building of the
new state capital, Chandrababu Naidu seems to be at a loss for words when the
Union Budget has no mention of the capital issue or the Polavaram project funding
apart from the five-year special status to the 13 districts and he has never
raised his voice on these crucial issues.  

“Why is
the State Government silent and is not taking the up the issue with the Centre,
though TDP is a coalition partner of the NDA,” she said.  

Naidu not reacting to the Centre’s paltry increase of Rs 30 on paddy MSP shows
his indifference towards farmers. The TDP President has promised that he will
turn agriculture into a profitable exercise and will see to it that farmers
will get a profit of 50 % on the investment, but his silence on the issue
speaks of his double standards, she added.

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