Naidu, don't try to cheat people again!

Hyderabad, April 29,
2013: YSR Congress Party on Monday branded the series of promises made by TDP
chief Chandrababu Naidu during his Padayatra as empty and impractical and asked
him not to cheat the people again as in the past.

Addressing a media meet
at the party headquarters here, YSR Congress spokesman Gattu Ramachandra Rao
said Naidu failed to keep his plethora of promises made before the elections
twice in the past.

“He also miserably
failed to play the role of opposition leader after 2009 and question the
Government on its anti-people policies,” said Gattu Ramachandra Rao, charging
Naidu with trying to cheat the people once again with his empty promises.

Gattu said that after
coming to power by backstabbing NTR, Naidu also backstabbed NTR’s pet schemes
by dispensing with the Rs.2 a kg rice scheme and the prohibition.

“Naidu had increased
the rate of subsidy rice from Rs.2 to Rs.5.25 a kg while reducing the quantity
of rice from 20 kg to 16 kg. While NTR imposed Rs. 50 per HP on motors used for
agricultural purposes, Naidu hiked it to Rs. 620,” he recalled.

Gattu said TDP’s 1999
election manifesto promised to provide free education from KG to PG for all
girls but he never implemented it. “With the Koti (1 crore) Varalu (promises),
he wants to cheat people 1 crore times,” Gattu said

Reminding that YSR
hiked the pensions for the differently abled from Rs.75 to Rs.500 and provided
3 per cent reservations to them during the regime, Naidu during his regime of 9
years hiked the pensions to Rs.75 from the Rs.50 given by the NTR regime.

The promises of Naidu,
who ruled like a dictator and said 60 per cent of the employees were corrupt
and no free things should be given to the people, are all bogus and people do
not believe him going by his past record.

“I only ask you not to
try to cheat the people once again,” he warned Naidu.


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