Naidu, TDP leaders scared of Jagan: Gattu

April 1, 2014: Brushing aside the false claims and
propaganda of TDP, YSRCP has said it is winning hands down and if the results
of the municipal elections come out in the open they will put facts in the
right perspective.  

“We are the Party that is on a winning
streak and there is no reason as to why we should resort to sponsored surveys.
It is always the Party that is on the brink of defeat that will take to such
cheap tricks while people are with us as always,” party spokesperson Gattu
Ramachandra Rao told reporters here on Monday.  

The friendly media of TDP has conducted
many surveys in the past which went topsy-turvy and YSR came out with flying
colours though Chandrababu Naidu has formed a Front in the name of Mahakutami
taking in all parties together.  

False surveys and false propaganda has
been part of TDP and it is scared of the YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. If the municipal
elections are announced immediately the strength of both the parties will be
known. YSRCP has won almost all the elections
its has contested while TDP has never won a single seat and lost deposit in
half of the seats it has contested which shows the popularity of our leader and
there is no need for us to sponsor any surveys.

Some independent agencies have conducted
surveys which gave a majority to YSRCP. We are not overwhelmed by the survey
but we feel that we will get more seats than what the psephologists have

TDP has always relied on false
propaganda and has never recovered from the drubbing in 2004 and it is
desperate to be in the lime light but by hurling allegations and leveling
baseless charges the prospects of the party will not improve, he said.  

He also slammed TDP leader Gali
Muddukrishnama Naidu for his unsavory remarks and reminded that it was he who
has issued damaging statements against Naidu and his Singapore trips. After
changing sides from Congress to TDP he has changed tune and he is at the old
game of passing baseless allegations.  

The TDP statement about the family
members of electioneering shows the desperation and the hopeless situation in
which the party is. TDP has been trying to align with one party or the other
ever since 2009 and the result would be no different whether or not it will have
alliance this time around, he said.  

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