Is Naidu ready to resign ..!

Once again the attitude of Naidu is observed considering  Assembly as witness. Naidu is not sticking to his words but is giving irrelevant statement which proves his intention of again creating chaos and confusion in the minds of people. There is no match between the words spoke by Babu and the essence of the statement .  Jagan challenged Babu, that if the statement and words spoken by Babu are matching is proved, he himself would resign, if not Babu should be ready to resign. He said that he could reveal the plot of the Yellow party.

Jagan spoke to the media on the first day as the meetings were adjourned. He said, Chandrababu is playing dirty politics on the name of special status. He said, that the question hour took place after 12  in the Assembly, which never happened before. Jagan commented that, though he was unaware of Kourava Assembly, he could match it close to the present Assembly session. He expressed his grief on the present politics played by the ruling party.

Jagan mentioned that today's Assembly is full of plots and conspiracies. Naidu was well planned to see that the words spoken by him will reach the people smoothly. This way, his aim is to push people to confusion , said Jagan. YSR Chief demanded Babu to be specific in stating if he is supporting or against the Special status. 
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