Naidu obsessed with Consultancy Raj

Hyderabad, Dubbing the TDP governance as Consultancy Raj, YSR Congress has said the State has been outsourcing work in all sectors which is nothing short of insulting local talent and demanded that it should answer categorically in what way foreign companies are better.

“Outsourcing the conduct of Godavari Pushkarams ( a native affair) to a foreign company shows the obsession of TDP government for appointing outside consultancy agents degrading locals and is squandering away public money where there is no necessity,” party MLA SV Mohan Reddy told reporters here on Friday.

Based on the nod from Planning Commission, TDP Government has released funds and is all set to appoint consultants from organizing Godavari Pushkarams, to drafting the plan for temporary capital, to Vision 2029 document, Revenue Bill, foreign trips planning, irrigation, publicity to government programmes, monitoring Roads and Buildings and Panchayat Raj Departments and the like.

All the contracts are given to foreign companies only, more so majority to Singapore companies. There is no record to prove the excellence of the Singapore Companies in any sector and no state in the country has ever given any contract to Singapore.

“Why then Chandrababu Naidu is so obsessed with appointing foreign consultants should be answered by the State. There are reports that the Chief Minister has business interests in Singapore and the chances of quid pro quo are plenty,” he said.

Despite revenue deficit, the State is spending lavishly on publicity and unproductive matters including foreign consultancy, he said.

Normally government appoints foreign consultants only when no local talent is available. But there is no dearth of experts in our state. Ignoring them and appointing consultants from other countries is an insult to the local engineers, IAS officers and other experts.

Even cabinet ministers are ignored and consultants are given top priority which is not in good spirit, he said and demanded that the State should answer categorically as to why it is after foreign consultants when local talent is available.
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