Naidu making false promises: Jagan

Railway Koduru (YSR Kadapa
dist), April 19, 2014: Slamming N Chandrababau Naidu for his dichotomy and double
standards in the state division issue and hoodwinking the people with his false
promises, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has appealed to the people to elect a leader who
has credibility and who has concern for poor and needy.

Despite people rejecting
him at the hustings on various occasions there is no change in style of
functioning of Chandrababu Naidu and continues his dubious and dreadful
policies, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy said while addressing a large gathering here on
Saturday and appealed to the people to vote for YSRCP fan symbol and elect a
leader who has credibility and concern.  

Naidu is used to live in a
vanity by spending more money on the publicity and is of the habit of
forgetting all promises conveniently once he comes to power. Even on the state
division issue his stand has baffled everyone. After giving the letter to
divide the state and helping Sonia Gandhi in the bifurcation, he goes to
Seemandhra and says that injustice is done to the region.

He has the audacity of
running with the hare in Telangana and hunting with the hound in Seemandhra and
this dichotomy is well exposed. It was his letter that has given the Congress
enough strength to divide the state and now he comes to Seemandhra and sings a
different tune though his party MP has boasted of casting the first vote in
favour of the division and celebrated the event as well.

When it comes to the poll
promises, they are a bundle of lies and he speaks of schemes which cannot be
implemented. During his nine year rule people have suffered a lot and were
driven to suicides and indebtedness for educating their children or for
hospitalization of family members.

Pensions and houses were
meager and were given as per quota leaving many eligible persons in the lurch.
He has closed down 65 PSUs and rendered 26,000 employees jobless.  He has
increased the Rs 2 kg rice to Rs 5.25, lifted prohibition and encouraged belt

After his dark age came the
golden period of YSR who has shown how a welfare state should be run and became
model chief minister in the whole country.

Naidu on the other hand has
no credibility and honesty. Now he has been promising to give one job per
family. There are 3.5 crore families in the state providing jobs is not a
feasible one. He is also promising to waive farm and DWACRA loans which amount
to Rs 1.50 lakh crores while the state budget is just 1.25 crores. Loan waiver
is a Central subject and a state government cannot do it. Such blatant lies are
being doled out as election promises.

“I appeal to you to vote of
YSRCP fan symbol and I assure you to bring back the golden era of YSR in which
all sections of the society will benefit and reject division and dubious
forces,” he said.


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