Naidu in jitters after polls: YSRCP

Hyderabad, May 9, 2014:
Reiterating that the Party would get a thumping majority in Seemandhra while
the TDP will be down and Congress will be out after the polls, YSR Congress has
said that Chandrababu Naidu has already conceded defeat much before the results
and is searching for excuses for his imminent debacle.

“As part of his searching
excuses spree, he is shifting the blame on others and started propagating the
YSRCP has resorted to malpractices in the polls while in reality it was TDP
that has brazenly went for large-scale use of money and muscle power,” party
spokesperson Gattu Ramachandra Rao told reporters here on Thursday.

TDP has used money and
muscle power to the hilt and when it could understand that these had no effect
on the electorate and the verdict would be against the Party Chandrababu Naidu
began his campaign of lies and is leveling false allegations against YSRCP.

Contrary to the remarks
made by Chandrababu Naidu to the media, it was TDP leaders and workers who
attacked YSRCP cadre and were caught in the distribution of cash at various
places. Naidu does not speak about the fake money of Rs 3.5 crores that came to
light at Siddhartha College in Vijayawada, he has no words to tell about the killing
of an old person in East Godavari district for the singular reason that he
voted for YSRCP.

While TDP leader Payyavula
Kesavulu did not allow polling agents in Uravakonda in Ananthapuram district,
the same TDP started complaining when YSRCP has questioned as to why a polling
agent from the neighbouring constituency was brought in at Jammalamadugu.

TDP candidates have
resorted to physical assaults at Eluru, Dendaluru, Maidakuru and other places
and Naidu has been trying to shift the blame on YSRCP, he said adding that
Naidu has given provocative speeches and unleashed the cadre before the

“The money, muscle and its
arrogance did not work and the voting was one-sided and YSRCP will be getting a
decisive mandate in Semmandhra and we will play an important role in Telangana
as well,” he said.

Naidu will have to pack his
bags after May 16 but the law has a very long hand, he said adding that Naidu
should also tell if Modi has forgiven the 100 charges leveled against him by
BJP earlier.

While TDP has formed a
Grand Alliance (Mahakutami ) to defeat YSR in 2009 and was unsuccessful,
history will repeat by the Mirage Alliance of TDP-BJP-Jana Sena-friendly media
and the result would be no different in 2014.

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