Naidu ignorant of realities: Vijayamma

Dhone (Kurnool dist), March 24, 2014:  Chandrababu Naidu has always tried to
maintain his HiTech image ignoring ground realities, while YSR had envisaged a
welfare state, in which BCs, minorities, students, women, farmers weavers,
artisans and other sections of the people cutting across party and regional
barriers were be benefitted immensely, YS Vijayamma has said.

“Chandrababu Naidu has diverted funds
of BC Welfare Corporation to the welfare of his party cadre and the artisans
were left in the lurch. On the other hand, weaker sections were the maximum
beneficiaries of YSR welfare schemes in all the regions,” she said addressing a
road show meeting here on Sunday.

The BC Corporation was made defunct by
Chandrababu Naidu as the major chunk of funds went into the pockets of TDP
leaders and cadre while the poor artisans were left high and dry with crumbs.
YSR’s Aarogyasri has brought quality medicare within the reach of the weaker
sections and they were provided treatment and had undergone surgeries free of
cost in corporate hospitals.

The old age pension, which was just Rs
70 during the nine year tenure of Chandrababu Naidu, was increased to Rs 200 by
YSR. Under the TDP rule, pensions were restricted to a fixed number per village
under quota system but YSR has changed it and gave pension to every eligible
person, she said.

Chandrababu Naidu has never kept his
word and poll promises were conveniently disregarded after the elections but
YSR has fulfilled all the poll promises. The despair of famers, who were driven
to suicides and indebtedness by the harsh measures of Chandrbabau Naidu, got
redressed by YSR by his waiver of power dues, waiver of agriculture loans and
interest besides taking up the ambitious Jalayagnam project which is providing
water to this region as well.

Naidu on the other hand believed that
agriculture was a waste and passed snide remarks on the suicides of farmers and
weavers. The various other schemes of YSR include empowerment of women though
pavala vaddi, Abhaya Hastham, fees reimbursement and Rs 2 kg rice. During his
five years of rule, he did not increase the prices or imposed any fresh taxes.

“You have seen the golden rule of YSR
the dark days before his term and turbulent times after his death. You are the
best judges to spell out your opinion by casting your vote in the ensuing
elections to the municipal, mandal, zilla parishad, assembly and Lok Sabha

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has emulated his
father in the welfare measures and has promised to provide free education to
two children in each family, increase old age pension to Rs 700, setting up of
a Market Stablisation Fund, waiving loans of DWACRA groups and decentralization
of administration. I appeal you to vote of YSRCP fan symbol to bring in YSR
good governance,” she said.

Both Chandrababau Naidu and Kiran
Kumar Reddy have helped the Congress high command in dividing the state while
we opposed it tooth and nail. Now they will also come to you seeking votes.
Naidu is making tall promises like loan waiver which is over 1.27 lakh cores
which is equal to the state budget. Loans cannot be waived by a state
government. It should be done by the Centre. YSR made it by pursuing the Centre
and it was done on a national scale.

If Naidu says that he can waive the
loans, he is telling lies and trying to fool people. He is crippled after his
party has tasted a series of defeats in the by-elections and he is always
looking for tie-ups as his public image is very low.

He is always snobbish with his HiTech
image and never bothered about ground realities but when election comes, he
returns to people taking the help of other Parties as the people are in a
position to believe him.

“I assure you that YS Jagan Mohan
Reddy will continue the linage of YSR in terms of welfare and development and
request you to cast your vote in favour of YSRCP candidates in all the

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