Naidu got illegal wealth by frauding on dairy farmers

Hyderabad, April 18,
2014: Stating that the value of the properties of TDP President Chandrababu
Naidu and his wife Bhuvaneswari has gone up abnormally by 2423 per cent and 241
per cent respectively in a short period, YSR Congress party farmers’ wing said
today it will demand the party president Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy to probe the affairs
of Heritage company soon after coming to power.

“Chandrababu Naidu, who
declared that he didn’t own any business except for Heritage Group, must have
committed fraud on dairy-farmers and looted their wealth through his dairy unit.
We will ask our President Jagan Mohan Reddy to probe the affairs of the
Heritage and bring out the truth,” YSRCP farmers’ wing convener M.V.S Nagi
Reddy told reporters here.

Going into the details
of Naidu’s properties, Nagi Reddy said Naidu, who declared properties worth Rs.
42 lakh seven months ago, has now shown in his latest election affidavit that
he owned properties worth Rs. 10.06 Cr which amounted to more than 24 times

Similarly, as per the
latest affidavit submitted to the Election Commission by Naidu, his wife
Bhuvaneswari’s properties have stood at Rs. 166.86 Cr as against Rs. 48.
85 Cr declared in September 2013 amounting to a net increase of Rs. 118 Cr in a
short span of time, Nagi Reddy revealed.

“Both Naidu and his son
own lands side by side in plot numbers 1309 and 1310 of Jubilee Hills. However,
while the value of the land owned by his son Lokesh was valued at Rs. 2.36 Cr, Naidu
valued his site of 1120 square yards containing a building with 17 bed rooms only
at Rs. 23 lakh. Apart from that, he failed to show the value of five acres of land
given to him by his paternal grandmother,” Nagi Reddy revealed.

Naidu also gave a
nominal value of Rs. 3. 37 lakh for an area of 924 square yards owned by his
daughter-in-law in Madapur, he said adding that the TDP chief chose to cheat
people by misinterpreting and giving fake valuations to some of his family

Naidu declared the
worth of his properties in September last to divert the attention of people at
a time when the HC was hearing the bail petition of our party president Y.S.
Jagan Mohan Reddy, Nagi Reddy observed.

“However, the latest
figures reveal there is an abnormal hike in the Naidu-owned family properties.
He must have accumulated the illegal wealth by cheating the farmers in several
ways through his Heritage dairy. We will demand Jagan Mohan Reddy to order
probe into this fraud soon after coming to power,” Nagi Reddy told reporters.

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