Naidu Duo's Anti-People Behaviour

  • Babu's deception again supporting package
  • We will go to any extent to achieve special status
  • We will fight with the slogan Visakha steel is the right of people of AP
  • YSRCP MLA Giddi Eshwari

Visakhapatnam: YSRCP MLA Giddi Eshwari mentioned that AP CM Chandrababu and cabinet minister Venkaiah Nadu had behaved against the people's will and that it was unfortunate of the people of the state to have such leaders. She attended the Chaitanya Patham programme held at Akkayyapalem of Visakhapatnam. Speaking on this occasion, she slammed Chandrababu and Venkaiah Naidu for stating that the special package announced by the centre was better than special category status and misleading people. She condemned the TDP leaders and the media to say that half of the people had no awareness.

She called it their ignorance to think people were ignorant. She slammed the TDP and the BJP leaders for pushing aside the special category status voted for by 175 MLAs twice in the assembly. She also criticised Chandrababu for getting ready to issue a statement on special package in the assembly while the opposition YSRCP was demanding discussion on special category status. Eshwari also slammed the Government for getting the opposition leaders and the representatives of people's organisations arrested for holding bandh as there had been news about the possible announcement of special package. She stated that it suggested Chandrababu's interest in special package.
Giddi Eshwari criticised Chandrababu who had mortgaged special category status for selfish benefits for deceiving people again by stating that it would yield no good results. She condemned Babu for not making any announcement till date about the special railway zone for Visakhapatnam mentioned in the reorganisation act. She cautioned the Government that they would continue to work with slogans "Visakha steel is the right of people of AP", citing how Girijans had united to prevent the Government from digging bauxite. She suggested that the youth should get more awareness on the importance of special category status.
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