Naidu cheating people: Jagan

Vinukonda (Guntur dist),
April 23, 2014: Reiterating that Chandrababu Naidu was responsible for the division
of the State and his false poll promises attract the provisions of a cheating
case, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has appealed to the people to vote for a person as a
Chief Minister who is known to care for the poor and keep up his poll promises
to see all-round development.

“The TDP leader is hopping
from one place to the other with false and impracticable promises and cheating
people which attract criminal provisions of the Indian Penal Code. He has the
track record of use-and-throw policy which he has implemented in ousting NTR
and invoking his name during elections besides doling out bundles of promises
and forgetting them after the polls.

The political system has
come to such a pass and the degeneration levels have increased with such
leaders who have no morals or concern for the people. I appeal you to vote for
YSRCP fan symbol which will bring back the golden era of YSR,” he said while
addressing public meeting, which started four hours late, here on Wednesday.

People in large numbers
waited at the venue under the blazing sun to welcome Jagan.

“Naidu has been promising
of one job per family without even considering the fact that there are 3.5
crore houses in the state. Since independence during the past 60 years the
total number of jobs created in the State is just 20 lakh and the TDP leader
has a very tall promise which is nothing short of cheating. The issue becomes murkier
when the chronicle of his past reads that he has closed down 65 PSUs in the
name of disinvestment and rendered 26,000 workers jobless.

He has been going round the
state promising of waive of farm loans and DWACRA loans which run into 1.50
lakh crores. The state budget itself is 1.25 crores and how can be waive such a
big amount is a question of impropriety. This is again cheating the people,” he

He is coming with “All
Free” slogan which is an eye-wash as we have seen in the past. He has increased
the Rs 2 kg rice price to Rs 5.25, lifted prohibition and allowed belt shops to
sprout like mushrooms across the state. Next time when he comes to the town ask
him why he did not implement any of the promises he is making now while he was
chief minister for nine years.

He is responsible for the
division of the state and he joined hands with Sonia Gandhi to split the state.
Political system has degenerated and changed to the worse wherein credibility and
honesty have lost relevance.

YSR is remembered even
today as his welfare schemes have touched all sections of the society. Before
casting your vote think once as to whom you will be voting whether for politics
of credibility or for the politics of opportunism.

“I appeal to you to vote
for YSRCP fan symbol to ensure quality life and welfare state which will be
looked up as the best in the country.

On the day I assume power,
I will sign five files. The first one will be Amma Vodi scheme which will check
school drop-outs, child labour and encourage mothers to send their children to
school with Rs 1,000 being deposited directly into their account every month
for education of two children. The second signature would be on the file
enhancing pension to Rs 700 and the third one will benefit the farmers. A Rs
3,000-crore Market Stabilisation Fund and a Rs 2,000-crore Calamity Fund would
be set up to ensure that the farmer will not suffer due to the market
fluctuations and get relief during calamities.

The DWACRA loans worth Rs
20,000 would be waived and administration would be decentralized to enable the
people to interact with government locally.

These signatures apart,
Aarogyasri scheme would be improvised and Rs 3,000 would be given monthly to
the patients who are advised rest post surgery. Housing will be given top
priority and 10 lakh houses will be built per annum taking the total to 50
lakhs in the five year term.

Power would be supplied at
Rs 100 for 150 units and efforts would be made to make the state power-surplus
by 2019. Closure of belt shops and providing employment to 10 local women per
panchayat to check the social evil is also on our agenda, he said appealed to
the people to vote for YSRCP fan symbol.

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