Mysura: AP must be unified

Hyderabad, Sept 5, 2013 Reiterating its demand for a united State, YSR
Congress has said that some political parties are trying to distort the letter
we have given in the All Party Meeting convened by Union Home Minister Sushil
Kumar Shinde.

“We asked the Centre to take a decision that would be agreeable to all
sections and see to it that justice would be done to all regions; in the
subsequent letter we said that status quo should be maintained if it cannot
solve the issues,” Party senior leader Dr MV Mysoora Reddy told reporters here on Wednesday.

We never gave any unconditional letter on the bifurcation issue but the
Centre is going ahead with its own agenda with its own assumptions.

“Our MLAs and MPs, including Party President and Honorary President,
have resigned in protest against the proposal to divide the state. Some of the
political parties criticising our party and trying to distort the letter we
have given to the Centre.

We demand that those who are criticising us should first spell out their
stand and if it goes against their Party stand they should resign and go to the
people which will have some sanctity,” he said.

Congress MPs, MLAs and Ministers should mount pressure on their High
Command and reconcile the errors instead of blaming other parties.

Surplus water is a contentious issue and Mahbubrnagar, Nalgonda
districts has Neetampadu, Kalwakurthi, SLBC and Bhima projects which are linked
to delta region and other projects of Rayalaseema.

The water issue will have a bearing on all the three regions of Coastal
Andhra, Telangana and Rayalaseema. State capital issue will also bog down the
development of all regions, he said.

Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra assemblies have passed a resolution to
divide their state but the Congress has been silent on those states but its
focus is on our State for political considerations, he said.

Senior Congress leaders in Delhi have strongly hinted that the division
is for gaining some Parliament seats.  But in the coming days, YSR
Congress will play a vital role in national politics while Congress and UPA
will remain as a mirage in the days to come, he said.

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