My Arrest Will Only Lead Me Into Direct Movement

  • Babu is used to backstabbing politics
  • Babu cannot scare with cases and arrests
  • Babu is a tyrannical power - People are unfortunate to have him as the CM
  • YSRCP's general secretary Bhumana Karunakar Reddy
Guntur: YSRCP's state general secretary Bhumana Karunakar Reddy criticised that Chandrababu had been into backstabbing politics since the beginning. He complained that he was being unjustly cornered in spite of not having anything to do with Tuni arson. Stating that Chandrababu was trying to impose that blame on YSRCP, Bhumana suggested that he should stop such conspiracies. He commented that conspiring was as easy for Chandrababu as humming a song. He remarked that it was not easy for Babu to scare him with cases and arrests.
Bhumana commented that Babu's personality was to consider a simple hello as a conspiracy and simple speech as a crime. He said that Chandrababu did not like it if people heard something other than what he spoke. He did not like it if people's opinions were reflected by the opposition or the media. He specified that he would not be scared in spite of the harassment in the name of repeated inquiries. He remarked that Chandrababu was doing all this out of jealousy towards YSRCP's and YS Jagan's support to Kapu leader Mudragada Padmanabham.
Bhumana made it clear that he would start implementing direct action as an activist in Kapu movement if he was arrested. Blaming TDP for not implementing the promises made to Kapu community like joining it in BC category, he remarked that TDP was always trying to divert people's attention from the Government's failure in implementing promises to YSRCP.
Bhumana commented that Chandrababu was the most atrocious and tyrannical leader in national politics. He remarked that the people of the state were unfortunate to have Chandrababu as the CM. 
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