Muslims see TDP's double standards

The Muslims have decried that the Andhra Pradesh Government is doing everything it can to muzzle the protesting voices from the Muslim community. It is behaving in an undemocratic way and is imprisoning those who were seeking to raise questions about the Government’s sincerity to solve the issues facing the community. 

They are asking as to why the Government seeks to jail the people when it held a huge meeting in Guntur on the issue of the problems of the Muslims. They said eight youths, who held placards demanding immediate solution to their problems at the TDP-sponsored Nara Hamara TDP Haraa meet, were put behind the bars.

Significantly, the police disrobed a person who went to call on the arrested youths. They said that for merely questioning the Government, these eight youths were being incarcerated. What more, they were kept confined for over 30 minutes before actually announcing their arrests.  They said if this trend continues, the Muslims will teach a fitting lesson to the TDP for its acts. 

They said that there was no safety for the Muslims under Chandrababu’s rule and asked as to what happened to the hundreds of crores of rupees being allocated for minority welfare in the AP Budget.

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