Muslim priests blessed Jagan

Horettistunna third day of the campaign jananeta

Jagan prays in Kazipet dargah

Warangal: The YSRCP President, YS Jagan continued with the third day campaign in Warangal district for the  Warangal Parliament Constituency. At every point Jagan is welcomed by the people. Jagan met the students, young people, elderly people, farmers, workers and others asking everyone about their problems and continued the campaign.

Jagan prayed in the famous Hazrat Syed Shah Dargah in Kajipet. The religious leaders welcomed Jagan accompanied by the YSRCP Telangana President, Ponguleti Srinivasa Reddy, MLA Rehman and others. YS Jagan specified that the late chief Minister YS Reddy had provided reservations to Muslims apart from doing many favours to them. He requested the minorities to support Nalla Surya Prakash.

YSRCP Minority leader Rehman reminded that in the past also, Jagan has visited the Dargah and offered prayers. Rehman expressed his confidence that YSRCP will win elections in Warangal. Rehman also mentioned that in addition to the minority, SC, ST, BC are also in favour of YSRCP. If the golden rule of regime by Rajasekhar Reddy has to be back everyone has to vote for YSRCP, said Ponguleti. All the Muslim brothers in Warangal said that the great leader is still alive in their hearts. They said that they will bring victory to YSRCP. 

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