MP Butta Renuka's Birthday At An Orphanage

Kurnool: YSRCP MP Butta Renuka's birthday was celebrated at an orphanage in Pattikonda. In the supervision of YSRCP BC cell's district secretary Medam Krishnamurthy, leaders and lawyers distributed fruits and bread to the aged. Speaking on this occasion, Krishnamurthy appreciated Butta Renbuka for doing several service activities in the two year tenure as an MP. Visiting all the constituencies in her parliamentary limit, she had been available to all the activists and leaders, he added. He also wished for her to decorate more positions in future, serving people. Participating in the event were party leaders Banda Narasimhulu, Burujula Bharat Simhareddy, bar association's former president Narasimhaiah, lawyers Machani Somappa, BT Nagalakshmaiah and others.

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