The Minister Should Be Dismissed From The Cabinet

  • Irregularly held election should be cancelled
  • Babu is against BCs
  • Paritala Sunitha favours Kamma community
  • There is no democracy in Raptadu
  • We shall approach the court over the irregular election
  • YSRCP's constituency coordinator Topudurthi Prakash Reddy
Ananthapuram: YSRCP's coordinator of Raptadu constituency, Topudurthi Prakash Reddy, demanded that Paritala Sunitha who had behaved atrociously towards YSRCP MPTCs during Kanaganapalli MPP by-elections, should be dismissed from the cabinet and the irregular election should be cancelled. He criticised that the Government officials and the police were behaving with partiality as per the instructions of Chandrababu. He remarked that the MPP election had been wound up in just 15 minutes under the nose of Sunitha, preventing the media and the YSRCP leaders from entering the location.

Topudurthi opined that Sunitha, who was supposed to attend as an ex-officio member, should not threaten or lure MPTCs. Mentioning how the MPTCs who migrated from TDP to YSRCP had been ordered to raise their hands and were physically assaulted and how swearing in had been held even without holding elections properly, he slammed the special officers for declaring the result immediately. He criticised the way the elections had been held anti-democratically and stated that they had given a complaint to the DGP and Elections Commission, the district collector and the SP in advance as they predicted that Paritala Sunitha would do such misdeeds. He remarked that everything had happened as per the directions of the CM and that Chandrababu and Paritala Sunitha were trying to suppress BCs intentionally.

Topudurthi complained that Sunitha favoured Kamma community and intentionally eliminated Rajendra of BC community and slammed the way Sunitha had arrogantly remarked about the controversial topic of castes. He commented that they should not have to do any misdeeds if they really had support from people. Requesting the officials to give them the copy of the recording of what Sunitha had spoken on the day of elections, he mentioned that the recording had elections proceedings, minutes and videos.

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