This Is A Milestone In The History Of The State

  •  Babu is depriving the state of food and water
  • AP is being mortgaged for Babu’s selfish benefits
  • Unlawful projects pushing AP into losses
  • Relentless battle by YS Jagan for public welfare
  • AP has changed into a desert due to Babu: Ummareddy

Kurnool: YSRCP MLA Ummareddy Venkateswarlu mentioned
that the Government of AP had been completely indifferent towards the unlawful
projects being built by Telangana Government until the leader of opposition and
YSRCP president YS Jagan had taken up Jala Deeksha. He commented that as soon
as YS Jagan had announced his intention for staging the hunger strike along
with schedule, TDP ministers started delivering statements about writing to the
centre and Telangana Government regarding the projects and called this act
ridiculous. He acclaimed YS Jagan for relentlessly fighting for the welfare of
the people of the state. Ummareddy revealed that YS Jagan had staged 26 strikes
till now against people’s problems and this was his 27th. He opined
that this Jala Deeksha was a milestone in the history.

The state’s
development dependent on water

Ummareddy mentioned that the ongoing problem of water scarcity
in the state was due to the negligence of the ruling party and cautioned the
situation would worsen in near future. He expressed his concern towards the
migration of farmers due to lack of irrigation water and the increasing death
roll of cattle. He complained that the CM had gone on joy trip abroad in such a
situation and the other ministers had resorted to pass unfair comments on those
who had taken the responsibility of fighting against the problem. He mentioned
that if AP did not get enough share of waters of Krishna and Godavari, the
future generations would have no water to live on. He added that YS Jagan had
taken up Jala Deeksha in order to protect the rights of the state as well as to
save the state from the threat of the upstream states. He reminded that loss
being suffered by the state due to the unlawful projects of Telangana, Maharashtra
and Karnataka.

Ummareddy Venkateswarlu revealed that the CM of Telangana had
obtained clearance from the Government of Maharashtra to build five projects on
River Godavari and that this was just a deal between two chief ministers and
there had been no clearance from Central Water Commission as mentioned in the
11th schedule of bifurcation act, neither was there any
communication with Godavari board. He slammed initiation of projects by KCR
even without inquiring if there was any permission to build them on River
Krishna. He mentioned that it was obvious why Telangana Government had kept
aside all the other departments and sanctioned Rs.25,000 crore only to the
irrigation department.

Ummareddy criticised the Government of AP for concentrating more
on buying MLAs than on saving the state from water scarcity while the
Governments of upstream states were hastily taking measures in this direction
even without proper permissions. He cautioned that such negligence would lead
to a situation where drinking water also would become unavailable. He acclaimed
YS Jagan for taking up Jala Deeksha in view of awakening the dormant
Government. He added that any person in the state, irrespective of their age
and background would utter YS Jagan’s name when asked who worked for the
welfare of the people.

Ummareddy slammed the irrigation minister of Telangana, Harish
Rao’s warning to stop Jala Deeksha. He suggested self-check in light of
unlawful exploitation of water which was actually the right of Rayalseema,
Nellore, Prakasam and Krishna Delta. He also condemned Krishnamurthy’s
statement that strikes should be held at Hyderabad rather than at Kurnool.
Ummareddy remarked that the affection being gained by YS Jagan and YSRCP at
Kurnool was making him restless. He explained that YS Jagan was doing what the
ruling party could not do.

Ummareddy commented that Chandrababu would regularly meet PM
Modi but would not find solution for any of the problems including drought,
special status, Polavaram and unlawful projects of Telangana. He questioned
what had happened to the promise made by Chandrababu that the word drought
would not be heard in Rayalaseema. He demanded to know why Chandrababu had not
mentioned any of the state’s problems to Narendra Modi. He complained that Babu
deprived the state of food and water and that he had mortgaged the state’s
benefits for his selfishness. Ummareddy revealed that the Governments of
Karnataka and Maharashtra had ignored the rule that private pumping should not
be done on rivers. He specified that Chandrababu was responsible for AP’s
changing into a desert.

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