Meals were provided in London in the name of YSR:

London: The Telugu Association of London organized the cultural and sports program in the mark of Independence day. As a part of this program, the YSRCP active members organized and served delicious food for 300 members who visited the program on the name of the great leader YS Rajasekhar Reddy. The members who were a part of the program remembered the great leader and his leadership. The YSRCP, UK & Europe wing members Sandeep Reddy Vangala, Shiva Kumar Reddy Chintam, Dr. Pradeep Kumar Reddy Chinta, Abbaya Choudary Kothari, Satish Vanharam, Vasudev Reddy Mereddy, Bhagavan Reddy, Koti Reddy Kallam, P C Rao, Suresh Reddy, Obul Reddy Patapati, Pradeep Kumar Reddy Katti, Ravi Mecherla, Bhaskar Reddy Malapati, Sunil Reddy Chavva and others were a part of this program.
The members promised that in future, they will be devoted to the party and giving respect to the Party President, YSR Jagan, they would act as soldiers. Everyone from the audience praised the active members of the party for organizing good programs and activities. 

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