Maro Praja Prasthanam Is Four Years Old

  • Sensational record in
    the history of India
  • March for thousands of
    kilometres in 9 months’ span
  • Salute to Rajanna’s
    daughter and YS Jagan’s sister

Maro Praja Prasthanam
tour taken up by the daughter of former minister and legendary leader Dr.YS
Rajasekhar Reddy and sister of YSRCP president YS Jagan, YS Sharmila, has been completed four years today. The march took place from Idupulapaya to Icchapuram
with the inspiration from YSR. Calling herself an arrow released by her brother
YS Jagan, confronting the conspiracies plotted jointly by TDP and Congress at
that time, the Praja Prasthanam yatra done by YS Sharmila created a sensation
among political circles at that time. People at every village and at every
doorstep received Sharmila with great warmth. She toured for 9 months in 116
constituencies of 14 districts and marched for 3,112 kilometres and created a
record in the political history of India.

It is a memorable
coincidence that the Pada Yatra of Dr. YS Rajasekhar Reddy, the second phase Odarpu
Yatra of YS Jagan and YS Sharmila’s maro Praja Prasthanam yatra, all took place
in Icchapuram. The area seemed to have a great bonding with YS family. On
account of conclusion of Sharmila’s pada yatra, a huge public meeting was held
in Icchapuram and a memorial was unveiled.

Inspired by YSR’s Pada

Confronting the
Congress Government of that time that was staying indifferent to the problems
of people and opposition TDP that was plotting conspiracies in spite of being
in the responsible position to question the Government’s failure, she reached
her destination four years ago, as an arrow released by YS Jagan, with
blessings from God. Praja Prasthanam by YSR was the inspiration for Sharmila’s
Maro Praja Prasthanam.

YSR did the yatra in
hot sun ten years back, travelling 20-25 km every day, mingling with people,
speaking to them, learning from them, assuring them of support and inspiring
them. He thought of people’s welfare every minute even after he became the CM.
Irrespective of castes, religions, financial status and regions, he thought for
general public welfare and introduced many welfare schemes.

Speaking in the
closing ceremony of the yatra, YS Sharmila expressed homage to her father and
legendary leader YSR and thanked everybody who had supported her yatra that
lasted 230 days.

Memories of YSR and sentimental

The Praja Prasthanam
yatra that began on the 18th of October at Idupulapaya ended at
Vijaya Vatika in Icchapuram of Srikakulam district. That was the area where YSR
hoisted the flag of victory, after having marched for 1,473 kms in the name of
Praja Prasthanam for 68 days. That was where YSR was acclaimed and applauded.
As soon as she reached the place, YS Sharmila was occupied with emotions. She
buried her feelings in herself and went on to greet the people. She reached the
Vijaya Vatika and paid homage to YSR. This marked the end of her 3,112 km long
march. Then she reached the Vijaya Prasthanam memorial marking the end of Maro
Praja Prasthanam yatra and unveiled it. Then she spoke in the public meeting.


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