Make The 25-Hour Strike A Success

Ananthapuram: MLA Visweswar
Reddy demanded the Government to build houses for the poor people of Uravakonda
constituency and provide them with housing documents. He called for the people
to make the 25-hour strike that will go on from the 12th to the 13th
of this month demanding for the new houses a success. Visweswar Reddy canvassed
about this strike, distributing relevant pamphlets in the city along with the
party leaders.

He complained that the state Government was neglecting to give documents
for houses to the poor. He reminded that a 30-hour strike had been conducted
with the same intention once in the past too. He cautioned that unless the
documents were given the movement would be further consolidated and the
Government offices would be sieged. ZPTCs, MPTCs and other leaders of YSRCP
participated in this event.

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