Maha Dharna On The 3rd of September

  • The Government is neglecting Rayalaseema
  • YS Jagan's tour in Kadapa in September
  • September 1: Examination of destroyed crop lands
  • September 2: Attendance in YSR's death anniversary
  • September 3: Participation in Rythu Maha Dharna
YSR Kadapa: In protest to the negligence shown by the state Government towards the farmers of the state, Rythu Maha Dharna that had been planned to be staged on the 29th of August was postponed to the 3rd of September, as announced by YSRCP's district president Akepati Amarnath Reddy. MLC DC Govinda Reddy, MLAs Ragurami Reddy, Ravindranath Reddy, Korumutla Srinivasulu and Amzad Basha held a media conference at the party's office in this regard. Speaking on this occasion, Amarnath Reddy mentioned that repeated pleas made to the Government about release of water to KC canal, Telugu Ganga, Gandikota projects had gone waste.
He slammed the pretense of the Government regarding issue of water. Mentioning how farmers were betrayed and agitated by false promises, he stated that they had taken the issue to the notice of the collector in vain. So a maha dharna was being planned to be held on the 3rd of September in front of the district's collectorate, he said.  The dharna that was initially scheduled to happen on the 29th of August, had been postponed to the 3rd of September, to coincide with YSRCP president YS Jagan's tour in the district, he stated.

On the 1st of September, YS Jagan will visit the crop lands damaged. On the 2nd of September, he shall take part in the death anniversary observance of Dr.YS Rajasekhar Reddy. On the 3rd of September, he will participate in the Maha Dharna along with farmers and all-arty leaders. He will also address the farmers on the occasion. Akepati called for the farmers of the district to participate in the dharna and make it a success.

Projects of Rayalaseema were not even mentioned: Ragurami Reddy
Mydukuru MLA Raghurami Reddy complained that allocations had been made keeping in view the farmers of Nagarjuna Sagar area in the recent Krishna river tribunal meeting, but the projects of rayalaseema had not even been mentioned. He mentioned that KC canal had not received water since two years and if it happened this year too, there would be drinking water scarcity as well. He assured that YSRCP would put efforts for saving the farmer folk from difficulties and would also fight in the assembly.

They took back the word and deceived: Ravindranath Reddy
Kamalapuram MLA P.Ravindranath Reddy complained that minister Ganta had promised that the 90,000 acres in KC canal area would be given irrigation water but later went back on the word. He also mentioned how the TDP leaders ahd first assured that Gandikota and Brahmam Sagar would get 12 TMC of water and later called it quits after announcing in the tribunal meeting that Brahmam Sagar would get 6 TMC of water and Gandikota would get 5 TMC. He demanded the Government to provide water to KC canal till the 15th of January, in order to save the drought-affected crops.

Do not neglect Seema: MLC DC Govinda Reddy
MLC DC Govinda Reddy cautioned the Government that any negligence towards Rayalaseema was not acceptable. He mentioned how not one drop of the 92 TMC of water released in 2014 from Srisailam had reached Rayalaseema. He complained that this was why drought had hit the area for third time already.

Dharna to awaken the dormant Government: Srinivasulu
Railway Koduru MLA Korumutla Srinivasulu mentioned that the Maha Dharna was intended to awaken the dormant Government. He commented that either drought or floods hit teh state whebever Chandrababu came to power. he criticised that pushkarams were conducted only to distribute funds to the yellow leaders. He stated that the Government had failed to take care of Rayalaseema during drought.

Bifurcation-time promises also will be questioned about: Amzad Basha
MLA Amzad Basha mentioned that YS Jagan would question on the day of the Maha Dharna not only about the injustice being done to Rayalaseema's farmers, but also about the promises made at the time of bifurcation. He added that the situation of special category status and steel plant also would be questioned about.

Participating in this meeting were official spokesman Afzal Khan, Badvel's coordinator Dr.Venkata Subbaiah and farmers' wing district president P.Prasad Reddy.
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