Madness of Yellow media

The efforts of Yellow media to save Chandrababu, from the
Stampede case where 30 innocent people lost their lives is to the extreme.
Though everyone knew that Babu is the only person responsible for the stampede,
still in order to save him, yellow media tried to cook stories to showcase
before people. The story goes like this: A renowned preacher has announced to
do holy dip on first day of  the
Pushkara. So, according to  that voice,
lakhs of people came. But it is absolutely wrong. This is not the first time a
river is having Pushkaras. Every 12 years Godavari has its Pushkaras. But, the
advertising done this year is too much. Also, to perform the holy dip on the
first day of Pushkara, many people visit is also known fact. The belief is also
that Akhanda Godavari exists in Rajahmundry and many visit the place because of
that reason. This is the right reason for people coming to Rajahmundry pushkara
ghat. So, based on this, many visited Rajahmundry for the Pushkaras on the
first day itself.

The route cause for this is the short film for Chandrababu on
this Pushkaras, where they require lakhs of people to move in one path. For
that, madness to come in Media, only one gate was opened for thousands of
people and the innocent devotees struggled to come out of one single gate as a
time and lost their lives. Hiding this, the yellow media is trying to divert
the story and publishing and advertising that it is all because of the
preachers coming to pushkara and so on.

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