Lokesh Is Another Akhilesh

  • Chandrababu is scared of Lokesh
  • Lokesh is another Akhilesh
  • When Kuppam does not have water, who believe if he says Pulivendula will be provided water?
  • MLA RK Roja questions Babu
Tirupati: YSRCP MLA RK Roja commented that AP Chandrababu had hypertension upon seeing the political scenario in UP state. Ridiculing that Chandrababu feared that Lokesh would turn out to be another Akhilesh and pull his father down from his throne and added that it was why he had not even offered any portfolio to him.

Speaking to the media from Tirupati on Wednesday, he slammed the deceptive and corrupt nature of TDP Government. She questioned who would believe that water would be provided to Pulivendula when Chandrababu's own constituency, Kuppam, itself did not have water. She complained that Rayalaseema area was being looked down on.

Roja remarked that corruption was at its highest point under TDP rule. She questioned how TDP leaders had gotten ready to face people in Janmabhoomi programme, after they had failed to realise any of their campaign promises. She commented that the ruling party leaders were evading the scene, with inability to answer people's questions. She suggested that they should come to senses at least now and keep the promises they had made to people.
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