Literacy rate falling behind

31st position in Country..!

The AP state is falling behind in Literacy rate. The state is in 31st position among 29 states & 7 Union Territories. This is a failure of the government. Chandrababu boasted recently in Teachers day function at Visakhapatnam that by 2019, 100% literacy will be accomplished. Chandrababu is not realizing that through Corporate and Hi-tech methods we cannot achieve development & through computers and Tabs we cannot attain complete literacy.

Giving up by saying ‘Education is not government responsibility’
Recently, Chandrababu stated that Education is not government responsibility; he insisted that the Corporates should take it as a responsibility and drive it. He said that in other world countries this is how it is happening, and asked the private donors to form a corpus fund. He mentioned that the Private University’s bill was approved in the Assembly and sent to the Central Government and expressed confidence that it will get approved there also. By stating like this Chandrababu is trying to give up responsibility of education.
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