Levity Towards Opposition MLAs

Chittoor: YSRCP MLA of Chittoor district’s Madanapalle constituency, Desai Tippareddy
had to face insult due to CM Chandrababu Naidu. In fact all the people of
Madanapalle constituency were offended. The letter of appeal submitted by the
MLA to the CM regarding the problems of the constituency was thrown away.

Local MLA Desai Tippareddy met CM Chandrababu Naidu during his tour in
Chittoor district. Owing to the busy schedule of the CM, Tippareddy got hold of
him near his helipad and handed over to him a 13-page memorandum mentioning the
problems faced by the people of his constituency Madanapalle and appealing for
action in support of the people. After handing over the letter, MLA Tippareddy
and other leaders left.

After the CM’s helicopter had left, local people observed that the pages
from the submitted memorandum were flying on the ground and passed the
information to the media. Upon hearing this, MLA Tippareddy expressed his

Democracy mocked:

Tippareddy expressed his displeasure towards the levity shown by CM
Chandrababu towards the MLAs of opposition party. Discarding the memorandum submitted
to him on behalf of all the people of the constituency ilustrated the interest
of CM Chandrababu towards their development, criticized Tippareddy. He remarked
that this behaviour was just because of his vengefulness towards opposition
MLAs. He mentioned that this act was insulting to the 4 lakh people of the
constituency. Tippareddy commented that he had lost respect towards Babu for
disgracing the feelings of people as well as their representative. He demanded
inquiry on the act.

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