Let's Grab One Lakh More Acres Of Land

  • System of one lakh acres fetching for Chandrababu
  • Ten
    lakh acres’ target announced by Babu earlier
  • Babu
    snatching land with different names
  • Now
    is the turn of Bunder Port

After Chandrababu came into power as the CM of the state, he had announced his
target. He swore that he would snatch ten lakh acres of agricultural lands throughout
the state and give them away to benami industrialists. Now he is working his
way through this target. Recently, it is being conspired to bring the farmers
of Bunder port area onto the road. 

Land mafia in the name of
the capital city

Chandrababu is making a scene out of the
capital city that only requires a few buildings and infrastructure. He is
conspiring to destroy not just one and two thousand but 1 lakh acres. By
bluffing farmers, he snatched 35,000 acres of agricultural land. Then is
attempting to occupy forest land spread for 32,000 acres. Adding endowments
lands, waqf lands, grama kantam lands and assigned lands, 1 lakh acres of land
is going to lose its greenery. International news agency BBC estimates that 1
crore trees are going to be cut by Chandrababu.

is the turn of Bunder Port

State cabinet committee has announced
that 1 lakh acres of land would be acquired for the infrastructure of Bunder
port. 4,15,00,000 sq.km. of land is going to be acquired from 29 villages. The
lands will be taken away by hook or crook. The same Chandrababu announced
earlier when he was an opposition leader that 2,500 acres would be enough for
the port. He also wrote to the Government saying so. But now he is planning to
swallow 1 lakh acres of land for the sake of benamis.

thirst for lands

Chandrababu’s thirst for lands is not
ending since he came to power. He is only putting steps forward to keep the
promise he made to industrialists for grabbing 10 lakh acres. Both the capital
city area and the Bunder port area are fruitful high-quality agricultural
lands. Bringing farmers onto the road, Chandrababu is going ahead destroying
lands. This is drawing resistance from the people.

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