Let Us Unite To End The Corrupt Rule

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    are disgusted by Chandrababu’s rule
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    hope people of Gurajala will bless Mahesh
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    atrocities in Gurajala have crossed boundaries
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    is like a father to me
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    long we live does not matter, how we live matters
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    us join hands and teach a lesson to the deceptive Government
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    Jagan speaks at the public meeting in Narasaraopet

Narasaraopet: The leader of opposition in AP and YSRCP president, YS Jagan,
remarked that people of AP were disgusted by the rule of Chandrababu and called
for uniting to teach the deceptive Government a lesson. Reminding how TDP had
made numerous promises at the time of elections and failed to keep any of them,
he called for joining hands and putting an end to the incompetent Government.

Grandson of former CM,
Kasu Brahmananda Reddy and son of former minister Kasu Krishna Reddy, Kasu
Mahesh Reddy joined YSRCP on Friday in the presence of YSRCP president, YS
Jagan. A huge number of people gathered on this occasion and the venue echoed
with slogans in praise of YSR and YS Jagan. YS Jagan spoke on this occasion to
slam the Government and to fill valour in the party cadre.

Here is what YS Jagan spoke…

We are welcoming
Mahesh into YSRCP family today. People are disgusted by Chandrababu’s rule.
People are suffering due to Babu’s deception. We should unite in order to
hinder the deceptive practices of TDP. As part of it, the youth like Mahesh Reddy
are necessary for the party.

TDP leaders are under
the impression that Mahesh’s arrival in Narasaraopet may cause confusion. There
will be absolutely no confusion because I spoke to Janganna earlier. We thought
together and thought it would be a good idea to introduce Mahesh in order to
put a check to the rowdy rule of TDP in the area. Bless Mahesh. As a doctor you
all know and a gentleman by nature, Gopireddy will stand supportive. Janganna
is like a fatherly figure to me. I will take him to the house of legislature
within 6 months of my swearing in as CM.

My father used to say
to me in my initial days in politics that how long we live never matters, but
how we live matters. Chandrababu’s governance is shameful not only for himself
but also to the other rulers in the party. Everybody is at disgust with the
governance. He made many promises at the time of elections, but hardly kept any
of them. Over not keeping the promises he made to people, he mortgaged the
state’s future to the centre for his selfish benefits.

Our CM is not
concerned about the water being drawn in the upstream states. He will not speak
up because he is scared of being punished for his part in Cash for Vote case.
He will also not speak up about the special category status promised to the
state by the centre. He is scared about his corrupt activities being probed by

Farmers saw terrible
losses under Babu’s rule. Graduates have no jobs. No class of people is happy
under Babu’s rule. We all have to unite in order to put an end to such
deceptive and corrupt rule. We have to make sure they think before they cheat
again. Let us drown TDP in the Bay of Bengal. I humbly request you all to bless


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