Let Us Protest Against The Corruptive Government

  • Babu's negligence towards Handri-Neeva
  • Time being passed by bluffing people
  • Ananthapuram:

    Leaders of YSRCP slmmed Chandrababu's administrative ways. YSRCP's state general secretary Anantha Venkatarami Reddy stated that Ananthapuram would flourish from Handri-Neeva and that the Government was not acting in the direction of accomplishing it. A round table conference happened locally with opposition party leaders. They demanded that the Government started the distribution work of the project and supplied irrigation water to the 3 lakh 50 thousand acres in the district. 

    Anantha Venkatarami Reddy complained that Handri-Neeva had been initiated with groundbreaking by NTR but not one step had been taken ahead in Babu's 9-year tenure. He reminded that when Dr. YS Rajasekhar Reddy had come to power in 2004, he gave it a shape, allotted Rs.6800 crore from the budget and fastened the work. He mentioned that the present Government's allotting just Rs.558 crore for this project showed how uninterested the Government was towards it.

    MLA Visweswar Reddy stated that Babu had spent thousands of crores of rupees on Pattiseema scheme saying it would flourish Rayalaseema area but had not given any water to the area till date. He criticised Chandrababu for bluffing people saying he would complete Handri-Neeva and provide water to Ananthapuram even without allocating enough money in the budget.

    He mentioned that YSRCP leaders had suggested the Government right in the first assembly sessions to keep Pattiseema scheme aside and soon complete Handri-Neeva project, thus providing the district with Krishna waters but the Government had disregarded them. He complained that the Government had chosen Pattiseema only out of lust for commission. He slammed the Government for its bad planning and one-sidedness. Visweswar Reddy called for the leaders and activists of YSRCP to work united in order to take the atrocious behaviour of Chandrababu's Government to the notice of the people and raise a protest against the Government.

    Coordinator of Raptadu's YSRCP wing Topudurthi Prakash Reddy condemned the Government and demanded Chandrababu to provide ample amount of water to all the water bodies of Ananthapuram before trying to hastily carry the water to his constituency Kuppam. He cautioned a huge protest would be held otherwise.

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