Let Us Fight Together To Prevent Robbery Of Water

  • What has Babu achieved
    from his trips to Delhi?
  • Double entendre in the
    issue of special status
  • Babu plays the fiddle
    while AP burns in flames
  • We are unlucky to have
    such a CM
  • Babu silence is due to
    fear of legal cases
  • It is atrocious of KCR
    to unlawfully rob water: YS Jagan

Kurnool: The leader of
opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan mentioned that CM of AP, Chandrababu
Naidu was the king Nero of AP to be playing the fiddle while the state was
burning with problems. He criticised Babu’s indifference towards Telangana’s
projects, that would push AP into permanent drought. 

Double entendre 

YS Jagan slammed Chandrababu
for not talking about the state’s special status during his visits to Delhi and
then bluffing to the people that issue of special status would be no sanction
of funds. He spoke at the site of the Jala Deeksha he had launched against the
projects and the Government’s indifference towards them.

Fear of imprisonment

After being caught in
Note for Vote case in Telangana with audio and video tapes, Chandrababu had
developed fear of speaking to KCR about his projects, opined YS Jagan. He added
that Babu was also scared of talking to the centre for the fear of facing
inquiry on the case. He wished for transformation in Chandrababu’s ideology. He
called for everybody’s unity in fighting for bringing pressure on the centre.

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