Let People Give Their Verdict In Elections

  • Balineni slams the
  • Challenge for
    resignations and seeking fresh mandate
  • Babu’s failure shall
    be exposed
  • YSRCP flag shall fly
    on the district by 2019
  • Call for making YS
    Jagan the CM of the state
  • Balineni warmly
    welcome at Ongole

Ongole: YSRCP president of
Prakasam district, Balineni Srinivas Reddy, challenged the defectors of YSRCP
to resign and seek fresh mandate, while blaming them for deceiving people’s
trust with selfishness. After being appointed as the party’s district
president, he arrived at Ongole on Thursday and was grandly welcome by the
leaders, the activists and the followers of YSRCP. A huge invitation rally was
held from the outskirts of the city to the district’s party office.

Later, in the huge
public meeting arranged at the party’s office, he delivered an inspirational
speech. The meeting was presided by the city’s party president Kuppam Prasad.
During his speech, Balineni demanded resignation from the defectors of the
party and challenged them to seek fresh mandate. He confided that people would
decide whom to give victory to.

Balineni reminded how
they had been MLAs of Congress Party back in the past and how they had resigned
to the party and joined YSRCP. He recollected working as the district president
under the leadership of YSR for the victory of 11 places in the district out of
13 total places. He mentioned that he had been offered the post of district
party president before a year, but had waited for the right time. He stated
that he had not taken up the responsibility just for formality and that he
would work his way through minute disparities, uniting everybody.

Gadapagadapaku YSR
from the 8th of July

Balineni mentioned
that Gadapagadapaku YSRprogramme would be held from the 8th of July
in Ongole constituency. He called for the in-charges of all constituencies to
take part efficiently in the event and take Chandrababu’s failure to the notice
of the people. He assured that he would be available in the party office for
everybody. He explained the his aim would be to make YS Jagan the CM of the

Participating in the
event were Markapuram MLA Janke Venkat Reddy, Cheeral constituency’sin-charge
Yadam Balaji, Kanigiri in-charge Burra Madhusudan Yadav, Kodapi in-charge
Varikuti Ashok Babu, Parchuru in-charge Gottipati Bharat, Addanki in-charge
Bachina Chenchugaratayya, Darshi in-charge Buchepalli Siva Prasad Reddy, state’s
official spokesman Battula Brahmananda Reddy, state secretary KV Ramana Reddy,
Markapuram’s former MLA KP Kondareddy, Varikuti Amruthapani, district women’s
wing president Gangada Sujatha and others.

Let us give victory to Prakasam

Balineni’s appointment
as the district’s president is a matter of happiness. Only 2 of the 6 MLAs elected
from here are in the party. Still we are not scared – Janke Venkat Reddy,
Markapuram MLA

Victory in 12 places is certain

Balineni taking charge
as the district’s president is happily welcome. We shall work in the direction
of getting YSRCP victorious in the next elections- KP Kondareddy, Former MLA,

People’s trust cannot be bought with money

MLAs may sell
themselves for money. But nobody can buy the place people have in their hearts
for YSR – Gottipati Bharat, Parchuru constituency in-charge


Balineni’s decision to
come back to active politics after a brief hiatus is welcome. Taking charge as
the district’s party president is even more rejoicing – Buchepalli Siva Prasad
Reddy, Darsi constituency’s in-charge

Victory is the aim

Balineni is able
enough to unite the whole district. We all shall stay by his side. Ler us work
with the sole aim of attaining victory in the next elections – Yadam Balaji,
Cheerala constituency’s in-charge

We target victory

The party still has
dedicated activists even after MLAs left. We shall work for the victory of the
party in the next elections – Chenchu Garatayya, Addanki constituency’s

Leaders may sell themselves, but are on our

People welcoming
Balineni as the new district party president is a blow to TDP. We shall not be
scared by false allegations – Varikuti Ashok Babu, Kondapi constituency’s

Balineni is my inspiration

I came into politics,
inspired by Balineni Srinivas Reddy. It is very festive to see the grand
welcome received by him. We shall stand by his side – Burra Madhusudan Yadav,
Kanigiri constituency’s in-charge

Victory is ours

In spite of certain
MLAs being purchased by the ruling party, the people are on the side of YSRCP –
Venna Hanuma Reddy, Markapuram constituency’s coordinator

Let us realise YSR’s ideals

It is happy to see
Balineni as the district’s party president. We should realise YSR’s ideals by
making YS Jagan the CM of the state – Battula Brahmananda Reddy, state party’s
official spokesman

We should work for the party’s victory

It is very happy to
see Balineni take charge as the district’s party president. We all should work
for the victory of the party in the next elections – Gangada Sujatha, district
women’s wing president

Party’s consolidation is certain

YSR Congress Party is
sure to be strengthened under the leadership of Balineni. We shall definitely
win all the places in the next election – Kuppam Prasad, YSRCP’s city president


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