A Leader Whom India Is Proud Of

  • Aarogyashree, fees
    reimbursement, good quality houses are thanks to YSR
  • Wish for well-being of
    all classes
  • YSRCP general secretary
    Dharmana Prasad Rao

Srikakulam: Former CM and legendary leader Dr.YS Rajasekhar Reddy’s rule had filled
self-confidence and assurance in people, mentioned YSRCP’s general secretary
Dharmana Prasad Rao. He added that YSR’s rule would stand as inspiration to
future generations too. Speaking to the media at Srikakulam, he acclaimed YSR
for doing service activities and introducing welfare schemes like no other CM
in India.

Here is what he spoke.

  • ·       
    Before YSR came to power
    in the united state of AP in 2004, drought was a huge problem. Farmers were
    migrating to other areas or committing suicide.
  • ·       
    Ruling TDP, instead of
    offering courage and assurance to farmers, left them to suffer.
  • ·       
    At such a situation, YSR
    did Pada Yatra and assured farmers of happy days to come.
  • ·       
    He promised nine hours
    of free electricity provision as soon as he came to power and made his first signature
    on the same file as promised.
  • ·       
    He filled courage and
    hope in the farmers and ruled in such a way that even other countries looked
    high on India with respect.
  • ·       
    YSR’s tenure also saw
    development of backward social classes.

Babu’s negligence towards Srikakulam

  • ·       
    Srikakulam was mentioned
    as the most backward state at the time of bifurcation. Sri Krishna committee
    and Sivarama Krishna committee also mentioned the same and suggested that the
    capital city should be built there. It is unfortunate that Babu had been
    showing negligence towards the district.

Aarogyashree – A boon to the poor

  • ·       
    During Chandrababu’s
    tenure, if a member of a financially-challenged family suffered with an illness,
    the other members of the family just had to mourn till he died. But during YSR’s
    tenure, they could bravely get him treated in corporate hospitals, thanks to
    Aarogyashree scheme.
  • ·       
    YSR launched the scheme
    to make sure such families were not pushed further into debts due to high
    treatment costs.
  • ·       
    The scheme brought great
    acclaim to YSR from all over the state irrespective of political interests.

Indiramam illu – Shelter for many

  • ·       
    YSR worked with an aim
    of eliminating the presence of huts in the state. He initiated Indiramma illu
    scheme that sanctioned good quality houses to many poor people.
  • ·       
    Leaders since 65 years
    could not build proper houses for the residents of coastal areas. But YSR
    accomplished that through this scheme. None of the houses he got constructed in
    Vizianagaram and Visakhapatnam districts was damaged in Hudhud cyclone.
  • ·       
    He got 170 Indiramam
    houses constructed between Icchapuram and Ranasthali in Srikakulam district
  • ·       
    When he sanctioned
    houses, he only considered the eligibility of the poor but never bothered about
    their political favouritism.

Security for the aged

  • ·       
    YSR offered Rs.200
    pension per month to everyone of age 60 and above.
  • ·       
    He made sure the parents
    neglected by children in that age had financial security.
  • ·       
    But now, political
    benefit is being considered before sanctioning pension.

Fees reimbursement

  • ·       
    Many poor people could
    not offer good education to their children due to financial backwardness, in
    spite of their merit. Fees reimbursement was a great scheme introduced by YSR
    for such families.
  • ·       
    He made sure students
    from all classes enjoyed the fruit of education.


Following the rules
stipulated by the constitution, he ruled the state impartially and filled
happiness in the lives of many.

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