Land Sharks On Prowl

Hyderabad: Reiterating that land sharks are on the prowl, YSR Congress has demanded for an open debate and an inquiry into the temple lands which were auctioned at throwaway prices and people with small land holdings going in for large extent of lands on behalf of their bosses.
‘The temple lands which were located in Chennai were auctioned in a hurry and no public notice was given in either Guntur or Krishna districts where 
the temple is located and the deal was done in a hurry,’ party state official spokesperson P. Gowtham Reddy told reporters here on Sunday.
‘The purchaser of the land named Niranjan Babu is a benami of the Chief Minister and his son Lokesh as he owns only 8 acers of land in Krishna district and certainly have no resources to buy such large extent of lands unless, he has the blessings of land sharks, he said.
How can the man from Krishna district, who did not even pay Income Tax in his life time, purchase about 83 acres of land. They have come up with a new story that Niranjan Kumar’s friends and relatives from world over have funded him in buying the lands, but there are sections governing the inflow of foreign funding and the FEMA comes into play.
‘This is nothing but the operation of land sharks with the blessings of Chief Minister and his son or else how can a dispute of 7 years be resolved in 7 months and hushed up to benefit the biggies.
We demand that the government should revoke the auction of temple lands held in Chennai and get ready for an open debate on the entire issue,’ he said.

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