Land encroachment by TDP MLA

Vijayawada: TDP leader's atrocities are continuing in the state. TDP MLA from Vijayawada Bonda Uma Maheshwara Rao's supporters illegally encroached the land in Vijayawada. A family staged a dharna at Durgapuram in Vijayawada city when it  was evicted by the supporters of  Uma Maheshwara Rao. 

The incident came to light on Thursday when father of the family staged a protest after he and other family members were thrown out of their house by the goons on Wednesday night. The goons told the family members to come to the MLA office to 'settle' the issue. 

The victim, whose daughter is suffering from cancer, staged a sit-in and warned that MLA Uma will be held responsible if anything happened to his daughter.

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