Is land acquisition as a puppet show ..!

A  new screen play by government
Revenue Minister is no way concerned
Officials say Gods grace

Hyderabad: In respect of land acquisition in the capital a new drama is observed. Revenue minister, Krishnamurthy says that he himself is not involved in the situation. Still the government says it would complete.

Revenue Minister role
All transactions related to lands fall under the state Department of Revenue. Usually, all such activities related to the management, and administration of land is taken care by this Department. But, at the time Amravati is chosen to be the capital, the revenue minister is not having a larger role. From choosing the capital, land pooling, and other activities concerned to capital formation, his role is no where mentioned by the government at any stage. The same is declared by the Revenue Minister, senior leader K. Krishna Murthy.

Everything is by Narayana
The Minister for Municipal administration, Narayana, is actively participating in this Capital affair. His role is crucial as he need to deal with acquisition of land, by threatening and grabbing lands from farmers. Later he negotiated with the Singapore companies. In short, keeping most of the municipal affairs aside, he is deeply engrossed in the Capital affair.  All the activities related to capital formation are going on under his supervision. 

Is it a new drama!
Regardless of the Ministers activities, Chandrababu is making a hungama considering his own tactics. Without involving the right minister, only Narayana is allowed to be a part of all the activities which is raising doubts. There are money transactions and corruption happening with Singapore companies and hence, only Narayana is involved is what is heard. Without stating his own opinion, Narayana said that land pooling is the interest of Chandrababu
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