Kothapalli Geetha is Traitor of the Tribals

Visakhapatnam: The YSRCP Paderu
MLA Giddi Eeshwari made enraging remarks on Kothapalli Geetha. She said that
Geetha has lost her mind and talking ridiculously insulting the tribal protest.
She blamed that Geetha has won with the votes of the tribal people but has
cheated them. In relation to the Bauxite agreements, Geetha made an understanding
with the State and Central Government’s, she must tell what is her share in
this?, the MLA added.

The protest against the Bauxite
Mining is intensely growing but shamelessly Geetha made a statement in Delhi,
posing in front of the TV cameras for publicity that there is no protest. The
MLA challenged Geetha to come and make the same statement in Chintapalli.

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