Kodela’s Followers Create A Chaos

Guntur: The followers
of Kodela Sivarama Krishna, the son of AP assembly’s speaker Kodela Siva Prasad
created chaos at a farmer’s cropland near Dhulipalla of Sattenapalli mandal in
Guntur district. They created havoc in the issue of a controversial land. Around
fifty people reached the land and destroyed the existing crop, saying that the
court had given them a convenient verdict. They displaced a hens’ coop. A group
of thugs wearing red masks intruded in the land on Saturday night and destroyed
a house built in the vicinity of the hens’ coop. Subbarao, the farmer owning
the property reported to the police against this criminal act.

Then the villagers held rasta roko protest
in support of the victim. Even before this chaos could come to an end, the
goons again entered the property on Monday afternoon and went on to commit
another episode of destruction. The victim and local people complained that the
police could stop intruders from entering the premises but they could not stop
destruction from happening. This controversial land spread for 17 acres. The
victim of the havoc stated that the speaker’s son was trying to snatch his land
from him with the help of his followers and the police. Currently, the
situation in the area is tense.

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