Kiran is paper tiger : Bhumana

Hyderabad, Dec 19, 2013: Stating that
CM Kiran Kumar Reddy has been hoodwinking people over the issue of bifurcation
by enacting a political drama, YSRCLP today made it clear that it would not
accept anything less than that of keeping the state united.

The YSRCP MLAs attended the assembly
today in black attire and carrying the cali flowers to protest
the double game of Kiran Kumar over the division issue.

Addressing press persons at the media
point of the assembly, party MLA Bhumana Karunakara Reddy said the T bill is
equal to a waste paper in their view. Calling Kiran Kumar a paper tiger  and King of Corruption, Bhumana said that Kiran
is implementing the agenda of Sonia Gandhi while talking of unified state for
public consumption.

“Kiran foiled the NGOs’ strike using
his machinations. We demand his underhand dealings with the Congress high
command should be probed,” Bhumana demanded. “The situation would not have come
to this stage if the assembly had passed a resolution  in favour of keeping the state united as we demanded
long back.”


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